Repainting House Exteriors & Repairs

Freshen up your properties look.

If you want to repaint your house exterior in preparation for sale, ready your property before the new owners move in, or give your property a spring clean touchup, you need an exterior repainting service you can trust. You need A & C Property Detailing.

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Professionalism and Quality Workmanship

Quality workmanship, professionalism and servicing in every job.

At A & C Property Detailing, we know what it takes to make your property catch the eye of a prospective buyer. We pride ourselves on developing a reputation for excellence in whatever we do. And our exterior repainting services are no exception to that rule. 

Because we know you expect nothing less than the best from us, we expect nothing less than the best from our team. Our house painting and repair professionals are committed to providing you with a skilled paint job when we repaint house exteriors, regardless of how big or small the job is. 

We take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously so you can have confidence that we will provide you with the best exterior repaint experience in Brisbane.

Exterior Repaint Services with A & C Property Detailing

Affordable and effective.

As with all our services at A & C Property Detailing, we understand that not everyone wants the same thing when it comes time for an exterior repaint. That’s why we offer a variety of different solutions to repaint your house exterior as part of the before and after sales processes.

What’s Included When We Repaint House Exteriors

Some of what’s included when we repaint house exteriors is:

  • Full exterior repaint
  • Touch ups and repairs to existing paint work
  • Colour consultation and rejuvenation

If you require something that is not listed above as part of our exterior repaint package, review the service menu or contact the team today on 0401 210 038 for a customised exterior repainting solution for you.  

We Come Prepared to Repaint Your House Exterior

To repaint house exteriors yourself, it can take a lot of time and effort you sometimes just don’t have, particularly if you’re preparing a property for sale, to welcome new owners once the sale has gone through or even just add a new touch of life to your home. 

When you hire A & C Property Detailing, we can get the job done in half the time, with a team of professional painters and maintenance gurus who know what they’re doing and come prepared.

We supply all the equipment needed to do wonders with your exterior repaint, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

An Exterior Repaint You Can Afford

If you’re familiar with DIY painting, you’re no doubt aware that it costs a fair amount of money to repaint house exteriors yourself, largely because of the cost of paint and purchasing the tools you need for a one-off exterior repaint renovation.


But when you choose A & C Property Detailing, you don’t have to worry about any of that. With a team of experienced, professional exterior repaint specialists, we come to your property with everything we need, and have worked hard to keep our prices as low and competitive as possible.


When selling a property, price shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to repainting house exteriors


We have some of the most competitive, affordable rates in the business, factoring in external costs where we can,  to come up with the most cost-effective solution when you choose to repaint house exteriors on your property. 


house detailing-satisfaction guaranteed

Our Full-Service
Satisfaction Guarantee on All Repainting House Exterior Services

We’re perfectionists in all things property detailing and maintenance. It’s no exception when we repaint house exteriors for all our clients across Brisbane.

When  you choose A & C Property Detailing, you do so with the knowledge that if you’re not satisfied, we’ll put in the time and effort until you are.